Integrated Facilities Management

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The Smartest Approach to Managing Facilities

When you’re ready to benefit from more value, efficiency and simplicity, we self-deliver all of your facilities management components under one contract. With one, integrated approach, we can help you improve customer experience, optimize how your space is used and, ultimately, lower the total cost of ownership.

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Our Approach

We begin by evaluating every element of your facility management needs, accounting for both the built environment and how the space is actually used. Then we customize a strategic, integrated, data-driven plan that includes solutions for your space, infrastructure, people and organizational requirements. With a holistic view of all the moving parts, we can build in efficiencies for how work is done, optimize procurement and make more informed decisions at every level.  

Why Partner With Us

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Total quality management is embedded into our operating model


We align our work performance and service with your facility goals, brand goals and larger business goals

Well-equipped teams

We bring the right people with the right tools, technology and experience

Self-delivery approach

Count on us to source and self-deliver quality services

Integrated Information Management System

Benefit from real-time data, from task request to completion

Business intelligence

We regularly analyze facility assets, work effort and space utilization to look for ways to add value

Sustainable solutions

We offer programs to help you achieve your energy, environmental and sustainability objectives

Let’s make your place better, together.

Our experts are ready to work with you to discover the best integrated facilities management solution.