Energy Services


Energy Services

Flexible Solutions for Access and Performance

Energy services are about accessing your operation and having what you need once you arrive. Horizon North has decades of experience reaching and servicing the most northern, remote and inhospitable terrain in Canada—from the deep muskeg and tundra to environmentally sensitive regions.

Responsive Service

We have an inventory of supplies and a team of experts ready to help, wherever and whenever you need us. All over Canada.

Customer Centred

We’re devoted to making sure you’re satisfied. Expect nothing less than high-level customer service from every member of our team.

Best-in-Class Products

We are serious about quality. Everything we deliver is durable, solid and built to withstand the elements over long periods of time.

Seasoned Experience

We’ve been in this business for a long time. We know what it takes to get your operation up and running, and how to keep it moving.


Roads, pads, structures, site preparation and reclamation. Our energy services are reliable, safe and flexible. Wherever you are and whatever you need, we can help you drive productivity on site.

storage container being lifted by crane

Relocatable Structures

Need a temporary work space? Lavatories? Multi-unit complex? We rent, sell, deliver and install the structures you need for your operation—no matter the project size or location. New or used, standard or customized, we are a fast and reliable source for structures.

Truck driving through forest

Access Matting

Whether your project requires matting solutions for a temporary roadway or a more permanently stabilized platform, we know how to solve access challenges. Our solutions keep sites safe and accessible with minimal ground disturbance, allowing your project to continue under extreme conditions.

tracker in field with blue sky

Soil Stabilization & Management

Start your site with the right foundation. Our safe and eco-friendly ground stabilization and modification solutions improve bearing capacity on low-quality natural soils, reduce rutting and potholes and decrease dust on gravel roads.

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