Integrated Facility Management

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The Smartest Approach to Managing Facilities

When you’re ready to benefit from more value, efficiency and simplicity, we self-deliver all of your facility management components under one contract. With one, integrated approach, we can help you improve customer experience, optimize how your space is used and, ultimately, lower the total cost of ownership.

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What is Integrated Facility Management?

Truly integrated facility management (IFM) encourages a shift from input-based specifications to outcome-based specifications to meet or exceed requirements, leveraging our expertise and economies of scale to streamline service delivery. The benefits for our clients mean fewer contracts, teams, and resources to juggle, as well as a bird’s-eye view of all facility management-related tasks. Letting us manage all your facility management tasks means your team can focus on core strategic priorities that will move your business forward.

Our Approach to IFM

We begin by evaluating every element of your facility management needs, accounting for both the built environment and how the space is used. Then we customize a strategic, integrated, data-driven plan that includes solutions for your space, infrastructure, people, and organizational requirements. With a holistic view of all the moving parts, we can build in efficiencies for how work is done, optimize procurement, and make more informed decisions at every level.

The Benefits of Integrated Facility Management

Saves money and creates value

One dedicated team means unnecessary spending is easier to identify and so are cost-saving opportunities.

Is more strategic

Viewing facility management tasks from a strategic lens provides increased visibility on how to deploy more effective, streamlined processes.

Drives consistency across the portfolio

Integrated facility management creates a more flexible, scalable delivery model that can be implemented across your portfolio, driving consistency.

Improves performance

An integrated facility approach focuses on outcome-based management. It reduces management complexity allowing you to benefit from a true single point of contact that takes the stress off you.

Drives continuous improvement

A focus on the bigger picture ensures all tasks are aligned with overall facility goals. You will benefit from improved data, analytics, and reporting that will only get better over time as processes and procedures continue to refine.

Increases visibility

A holistic view of all the moving parts in your facility means you can make more informed decisions at every level, resulting in a variety of operational cost-saving opportunities.

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