Whistleblower Hotline

The Whistleblower process is designed to encourage reports of potential violations of the Dexterra Group Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, applicable laws, or any other matter outlined below.  If your concern relates to any matter other than those addressed in the Code, we ask that you please call 1-888-905-2054 or email the HR Service Centre.

Our Commitment

Violations of Dexterra Group Inc.’s (the “Corporation”) Code of Business Conduct and Ethics or applicable laws, rules and regulations, can result in serious damage to the Corporation and its reputation. Accordingly, if any party has knowledge of a possible violation of the Dexterra Code of Business Conduct and Ethics or any possible breach of applicable laws, rules or regulations or any possible wrongdoing or questionable practices, including theft, fraud, questionable accounting (including internal accounting controls) or auditing matters, or any other financial matters (collectively called an “Alleged Wrongdoing”), that party is encouraged to report it.

We encourage you to identify yourself as this ensures that the complaint can be fully investigated.  However, if you choose, you may submit the complaint anonymously.  In either case, complaints will be handled on a strictly confidential basis. If the reporting party does identify themselves, disclosure of the person’s identity and the confidential information submitted may be disclosed to the extent required to permit a thorough and effective investigation or may be required to be disclosed by law. Unless required by law, the Corporation shall not make, nor shall it tolerate, any effort to ascertain the identity of the party making an anonymous report.

Each complaint will be thoroughly investigated to ensure there are sufficient grounds and evidence supporting it. Upon confirmation of the Alleged Wrongdoing, the matter will be resolved by appropriate action.

The Corporation and its directors, officers and employees shall not retaliate against any employee or party who reports, in good faith, an Alleged Wrongdoing or a retaliatory act or who assists in the investigation of the Alleged Wrongdoing. 

In the case of Dexterra employees, the report should be first made to the employee’s immediate supervisor, if appropriate. If the employee is of the view that it would be more appropriate under the circumstances to take the Alleged Wrongdoing to higher levels, due to either the nature of the Alleged Wrongdoing or, if earlier reports through normal channels have not been acted upon, then that employee has the right to report through the Dexterra Whistleblower Hotline below. 

To access the Whistleblower Hotline, an independent, third party provides a confidential and anonymous communication channel for reporting concerns.

  1. Internet – https://odysseytrust.com/services/whistleblower-services/Once you access the website, scroll down on the page and select the blue WHISTLEBLOWER LOGIN

    When prompted for a USERNAME, type in:

    When prompted for a PASSWORD, type in:

  1. Toll free telephone and fax number:
    1-877-266-2579 (Canada and the United States)
  2. Toll free fax number:
    1-877-216-8459 (Canada and the United States)

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