Facility Management and Operations

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Making your place better

Facility management is about more than just maintenance and operations.

It’s about making sure everyone passing through your facility has a great experience. From friendly faces to immaculate spaces, we bring the right people with the right skills to transform service delivery.

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Regional Expertise

We are wherever you want us to be. We have the experience, relationships and regional knowledge to provide more value, greater opportunities and better service.
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Exceptional Service

Service is in everything we do. Whether it’s a challenging environment or a tight budget, we don’t stop until we find the right solution to ensure you always look good.
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Innovative Solutions

No two client needs are the same. We adapt, customize and create solutions that address unique infrastructure or operational requirements.
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Powered by People

Our business is people. From staff in your facilities to your account managers, we bring the right people with the right skills together to create a seamless experience.

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Integrated Facility Management

When a siloed approach doesn’t make sense, take advantage of our integrated solutions. Leveraging economies of scope, our services make facility management more efficient and less costly.

Facility Operations & Maintenance

Facility Operations & Maintenance

Our hard FM services expertise supports building owners in creating safe and compliant built environments – helping to optimize productivity and efficiency. We help you improve building user experience, optimize how your space is used and, ultimately, lower the total cost of ownership.

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Technical & Trades Services

We provide a full range of multi-trade contracting services, including mobile on-demand services, emergency repairs and custom renovations and restorations.

Cleaning & Janitorial

Cleaning & Janitorial

Our cleaning and janitorial services are customized to help extend the life of your finishes and to create and maintain healthy, safe and welcoming spaces.

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Food Services

We understand that providing delicious, healthy, customized dining experiences is an important driver of overall well-being and productivity for employees, residents and patients. Our culinary teams take great pride in using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to prepare meals from scratch every day.

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Special Services

Your customers’ experience is critical to your success. It’s why you want the right people in place to create memorable customer experiences, from staffing your help desk to the shipping dock. We tailor our solutions to your operational needs, strategic goals and brand values.

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