People and Organizations Solutions

customer service representative sitting at desk on the phone

It always comes down to people

A well-maintained facility always needs great people. To bring user experiences to life. To reflect brand values. And to support your operational needs. We bring the right talent with the right skills to the right position.


Customer Care

You want the right representatives in your customer service roles. We customize and create seamless talent solutions to address your operational needs. We can help with concierge services, information desk personnel, wayfinder activity, facility ambassadors and traffic flow management.

Space Planning

Space optimization is really about how to combine operational needs with the best possible customer experience. Whether you need insight on how best to move people through your facility, how to arrange fixtures or customer-centric renovations, we can help.


Our housekeeping solutions are all about extending the life of your finishes, improving guest experiences and minimizing disruption. Customized for your needs, we offer cleaning and sanitization, laundry services, floor and carpet care programs and fabric maintenance and repair.

Food Service

In addition to great food service personnel, our team can create customized food programs and menus, and adapt them for dietary requirements. Well equipped to serve in many environments, our experience extends from hospitality to clinic food service.

Environmental Services

We manage waste of all kinds – including hazardous materials – safely, efficiently and responsibly. For sustainability-minded clients, we offer robust recycling programs, as well as waste monitoring, waste impact reports and waste certificates.

Sustainability Services

If you have serious sustainability goals, we can help you get there. We offer GRI reporting; GHG impact and carbon footprint evaluation; and tracking against metrics such as energy use and waste management. We also provide expertise to help in acquiring building certifications, such as BOMA, LEED, 3R and ISO 14001.

Operations Support Centre

For added peace of mind, we offer a 24/7/365 operations support centre to monitor performance and prevent, detect and respond quickly to any incidents and issues. Our team is available to respond to your facility needs at any time – day or night – whether it is an emergency or not.

Security and Parking Management
Parking and Security Services

Customized to your space and operational needs, we manage security for facilities of all kinds. Your program can include physical security, access control and surveillance. Parking management programs are also tailored, and can include allocation of parking spots, vehicle tracking and parking fee collection.

Material and Logistics

Our material management programs make logistics smooth and efficient. From simple tasks – such as tracking and delivering mail or managing inventory – to complex projects – such as managing a big move, procurement and supply chain management – our services keep you productive.

Project Management

With industry-leading tools, technology and years of experience, we help businesses manage organizational challenges and strategic projects. Our professionals can advise and support you in areas like risk management, scheduling, financial analysis and control, execution management and more.

Let’s make your place better, together.

Our experts are ready to work with you to discover the best solution for your people and organization.