Our Culture

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What makes our company great? All of us.

Dexterra Group is committed to being open, inclusive and supportive to everyone as we strive to empower and enable talented people from all walks of life. We want every member of our team to be their authentic selves, while reaching and attaining their goals and the company’s goals.

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How we work together

When you join Dexterra Group, you can count on being challenged every day. We see differences as the strength to leverage the power of diverse thinking, and we believe diverse thinking drives innovation.

Inclusion is core to our workplace culture. An inclusive workforce recognizes, values and fully leverages the diversity of the work environment by being fair, equitable, welcoming and respectful. This makes our company a great place to work and helps all of us create the best solutions for our clients and foster extraordinary experiences.

Committed to supporting:

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We are committed to being more than simply an inclusive work environment. We’re committed to your success and celebrating you as an individual. Our work matters but those who work here matter even more.

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Persons with disabilities

Every person deserves the opportunity to grow and thrive. It is why we provide every accommodation a person needs to do their job. Rest assured, we’re committed to removing any and all barriers for our employees to succeed.

Gender Diversity

Gender parity is one of Dexterra Group’s key initiatives. We actively strive to advance women into leadership roles based on merit and achievements.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in inclusivity and value diversity. We believe inclusivity is core to our workplace culture and a mindset of diversity drives innovation. At each level of the organization, we actively create a work culture that inspires our employees to embrace initiative, drive innovation, and make our company a great place to work.


We strongly support Veterans, along with active members of the Reserve Force, and recognize the tremendous contribution they’ve made to our business and our country. We also look to meet our words with action by continuing to develop recruitment, training and employment programs, while supporting the many agencies and associations who support Veterans, the Reserve Force and their families.

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