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Another great year for Dexterra’s Indigenous youth employment program

In September, Dexterra’s workforce accommodations and forestry services division, operating as Outland, completed our 19th annual Outland Youth Employment Program (OYEP), training tomorrow’s leaders of Indigenous communities.

Since beginning in 2000, OYEP has been a local, community-driven initiative that works towards equity and opportunity for Indigenous youth through education, training and work opportunities. Youth are fully immersed in a natural resource-based work culture including safety training, time management, remote and rotational work schedules and work-life balance.

2018 marks the first year that OYEP has been offered in BC, in addition to northern Ontario. 81 youths from Indigenous communities graduated from the program, representing a 93 per cent retention rate.

“I’m proud to be involved with OYEP because I think it’s providing meaningful pathways towards success and opportunity for Indigenous youth that traditional classrooms often can’t,” said Sarah Ambroziak, Operations Manager, who manages the day-to-day aspects of OYEP. “I love that we are truly a local and community-driven program, meaning we are creating a network of partners, supports, educational institutions and graduates who are all working towards prosperous and inclusive communities.”

Some statistics on OYEP 2018:

  • OYEP 2018 employed over 100 people
  • 170,000 trees were planted
  • 24 youth were successful in obtaining their beginners driver’s licence
  • 58 different Nations participated
  • 132 Co-Op credits were granted to students who were enrolled in OYEP 2018


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