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Protecting Canadian Forests and Forestry Workers

As Canada’s premier reforestation and silviculture provider, why we work in forestry is simple: it’s invaluable to our environment and our economy. How we work is more important. We are passionate about quality and efficacy, but our first priority will always be safety.

Regional Expertise

Forests are different across the country. We have the experience and regional knowledge to maintain forest health, provide more value and offer better service.


Working in forestry presents a number of safety hazards. We are extremely serious about keeping everyone safe with the right training, equipment and protective gear.

Innovative Solutions

No two client needs are the same. We adapt, customize and create solutions that address your operation’s unique requirements.

Powered by People

Our business is people. From technicians to your account managers, we bring the right people with the right skills together to create seamless experiences.

Forestry Services

We are known for Outland’s excellent reforestation program. But we offer a number of forestry services for the public and private sector. Count on our team for vegetation management, forest fire response and other services that sustain healthy stock for Canada’s forestry industry.

Tree Planting

Since 1985, we've been providing safe, professionally run reforestation solutions to many different industries. Our operations span across Canada and we are now one of the country’s largest reforestation contractors—planting over 40 million trees annually.

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Fire Support

We are a leading provider of Type 2 fire crews, employing hundreds of firefighters with an emphasis on Indigenous communities. Our firefighters are known to be well trained and well equipped for both fire suppression duties and camp life on the fire line.

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Vegetation Management

Each year we complete 4,400 hectares of forest thinning/brushing and 1,200 hectares of site preparation. Our services include pre-commercial thinning, brush clearing, manual herbicide, forest technician work, surveying, mapping and slash pile burning.

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