Defence & Security

Serving those who serve Canada

The defence sector is distinctive for its nationwide presence, range of facilities and unique security measures. At Dexterra, we have the experience and resources to manage facilities with added demands and accommodate workforces—whether you operate a remote training camp in Northern Canada, an armory in the city or a military housing complex.

  • Expertise
  • Responsive workforce
  • Integrated approach
  • Infrastructure support

The defence sector is marked by expert skills and strategies. We’re the same. We’ve built a reservoir of specialized knowledge, equipment and resources to support your operation, and we continue to invest in new products and technologies to improve our offerings.

Responsive workforce

When you need support services fast, our workforce is standing by. We have pools of local, security-cleared employees all over the country that are ready to build, service, repair, manage or help you access your facility.

Integrated approach

In addition to single-service contracts and on-demand services, Dexterra Group provides fully integrated services to maximize time, labour and cost efficiencies. All of our plans are data driven and custom to each facility’s needs.

Infrastructure support

When you need ancillary infrastructure, we can help you design, construct and manage it throughout its lifecycle, anywhere in Canada. Our modular solutions are ideal for remote camps, military base housing and emergency support structures.

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