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Stanton Territorial Hospital building with Dexterra branding

Working harder, so patients get better.

Your facility plays a critical role in how you deliver care. It’s why you want a good facility management team behind you. Dexterra Group knows how to navigate the complexity and the urgency in healthcare facility management, prioritizing asset integrity, sanitary environments and overall patient experience.

  • Quality patient and client experience
  • Facility optimization
  • Emergency facilities
  • Healthcare expertise
Quality patient and client experience

We know that built environments can affect a patient’s health outcomes, and we believe we have a role in that. Whether it’s cleanliness, space optimization or well-running building systems, we design our facilities management solutions with patient and client experience in mind.

Facility optimization

We understand that operating hospitals and healthcare facilities is costly, and that cutting corners is not an option. It’s why we offer an integrated approach to facilities management to maintain high standards, while finding efficiencies through economies of scale.

Emergency facilities

For emergency situations, when capacity is an issue or when testing facilities are needed immediately, we are standing by. With modular construction capabilities, we can build, manage and help staff rapid-response facilities, healthcare units and other infrastructure.

Healthcare expertise

In a critical environment, you need the right tools and the right people, with the right training. With decades of experience in clinical and non-clinical healthcare facilities, our teams meet all health and safety standards and best practices.

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