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Airports are complex and dynamic – like little cities, but with quality scores and higher security. Keeping everything in good working order is important, and so is moving people through the building efficiently and safely. At Dexterra Group, we know what it takes to integrate seamless facility management and superior customer experience into world-class airports.

  • Passenger experience
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Innovation
  • Agile construction
Passenger experience

So much of your business rides on passenger experience and demand. Our people and organization solutions offer the best in customer service, space optimization, crowd flow and security.

Lower cost of ownership

We manage, maintain, repair and clean airports like the critical assets they are. We look for efficiencies and ways to add value by integrating services, improving building performance, maximizing system lifecycles and creating atmospheres where passengers want to return.


Airports don’t rest, and neither do we. Our teams are constantly evaluating the latest facilities technologies, productivity tools and quality assurance frameworks to keep your operation efficient and your service excellent.

Agile construction

We know things change quickly behind the scenes. It’s why we offer modular construction solutions for ancillary buildings, such as hangars, storage, security facilities and employee areas. For regional airports, modular buildings are ideal for terminals.

We’re here to help

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