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Driving productivity in your facilities

Corporate campuses. Warehouses. Manufacturing plants. Distribution centres. The facilities are different, but each could benefit from lower total cost of ownership, improved asset longevity and higher system efficiency. Dexterra Group customizes our solutions to cater to each building or portfolio, but we will always have productivity in mind.

  • Geographical diversity
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Enhanced building user experience
  • Quality modular construction
Geographical diversity

As a national company with reaches in the most rural areas of the country, we can support widespread portfolios, including national businesses, chains and franchises. Our teams maintain accurate, up-to-date facilities data that you can access 24/7.

Portfolio optimization

If you have a large facility portfolio, our integrated solutions offer a single source for your asset administration and maintenance. Our approach is tailored to meet your objectives, minimize tenant disruption and improve asset lifecycles.

Enhanced building user experience

Asset integrity is about longevity and optimization, but it’s also about creating a welcoming environment for your employees and clients. Our facilities management solutions strike the right balance between both.

Quality modular construction

As leaders in modular construction, we design, manufacture and install high-quality commercial buildings with greater project certainty than conventional construction. So your business gets to hit the ground running faster.

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