Energy & Resources

Seamless, stress-free support

For energy and resource operations, where locations tend to be remote and labour shortages can be an issue, Dexterra Group is here to help. Our solutions not only help you develop and access your project; they also keep your workforce comfortable and well-rested while they work in demanding conditions.

  • Driving performance
  • Getting you to work
  • Experience and expertise
  • Tailored services across project lifecycles
Driving performance

Your crews face some of the most demanding working conditions imaginable. That’s why we believe providing a comfortable, safe and friendly home away from home is critical to your operation; it helps drive peak performance and productivity for your team.

Getting you to work

You need uninterrupted, year-round access to your project sites—no matter the terrain or climate. Whether it’s matting for a temporary roadway or a more permanently stabilized platform, our access solutions get you to your remote sites.

Experience and expertise

Dexterra Group has a long history serving the energy and resources industry. From small drill camps to large executive lodges, we know how to optimize your operation and deliver the best possible infrastructure and services to your project.

Tailored services across project lifecycles

Facilities management. Workforce accommodations. Modular construction. Forestry services. Or all of the above. We tailor our solutions to your budget and timelines, but also to the whole project lifecycle, factoring in your objectives, opportunities and obstacles.

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