Facility Operations & Maintenance

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Managing Built Environments and Expectations

Today’s workplaces – and the infrastructure supporting them – are increasingly complex with ever-changing requirements, constraints and challenges. Adapting to these changes takes in-depth building expertise and the right technical skills to operate, maintain and repair buildings and assets. Our hard FM solutions support building owners in creating safe and compliant built environments, helping to optimize productivity and efficiency.


Asset Management
Asset management

Our asset management services include long-term capital planning, management and optimization.

The need for maintenance, repairs and asset renewals varies depending on many factors, including the quality of construction, design details, exposure conditions and the standard of care given by the building owners and managers to date. Our consultants, engineers, facility managers and technicians understand how to optimize operational performance, contain costs and mitigate risks through detailed maintenance and capital plans that are built for each lifecycle stage.

Plant Operations & Maintenance
Plant Ops

Our approach to plant operations includes predictive, preventative and reliability-centred maintenance programs. We ensure the right amount of maintenance, at the right time, with minimal disruption. We also offer 24/7 operations support, cost management, performance reporting and critical environment management.

Building Fabric Maintenance
Fabric Maintenance

Fabric maintenance is where esthetic and operations meet. Our teams maintain and repair fittings, fixtures, floors, walls and ceilings, ensuring everything looks good and is in good working order.

Building Automation & Remote Monitoring Systems
Remote Monitoring

We manage critical building systems with predictive and reactive maintenance; in the event of an emergency, we’re available 24/7/365. Whenever possible, our teams install building automated systems (BAS) to monitor and control HVAC/R, lighting, electrical and mechanical systems for optimized monitoring, triage, dispatch and performance reporting.

Utilities & Energy Management
Energy Management

Our energy management services include ongoing utility management, but the priority is to reduce energy consumption and costs. We do that by getting a portfolio benchmark or single-facility baseline. From there, we develop an energy model, track performance and make adjustments.

Project Management
Project Management

Good project management ensures that every project – large or small – is always completed consistently and efficiently. We bring together the right skill and experience to effectively execute the delivery of any small or large project. With industry-leading tools and technology, plus years of experience, we help businesses manage organizational challenges and strategic projects. You can rely on successful project delivery that is on scope, on time and on budget.