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Every school wants to provide a clean, flexible and well-run learning environment. Post-secondary institutions have the same priorities, with the additional need to remain competitive by elevating student experience. In all cases, Dexterra Group has the solutions to help small, regional schools and sprawling campuses strive for excellence.

  • Comprehensive facility maintenance
  • KPI-based solutions
  • Flexible, fast building solutions
  • Sustainability
Comprehensive facility maintenance

Our team of professionals will create a comprehensive maintenance regimen, designed to work seamlessly around your curriculum requirements. A planned maintenance program will provide visibility and transparency, and lower your total cost of ownership over the long term.

KPI-based solutions

Our solutions include outcome-driven performance measures that support the broader strategic objectives of the school. They can include more effective school assets; enhanced learning environment; increased focus on education; consistency and standardization of approach; stakeholder engagement; and a collaborative approach.

Flexible, fast building solutions

Whether it’s building high-quality education facilities or delivering portable units, we have the construction capabilities and the support structure inventory to meet your needs. Our modular building solutions are fast and ensure minimal disruption to learning.


Dexterra Group is committed to sustainable solutions in our facilities management programs and in our modular construction. If you have institutional objectives to minimize waste and optimize energy performance, we are happy to help you meet your environmental targets.

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