February 10, 2021

Collaborating for Success: NRB Modular & Dexterra On-Demand

In 2020, CreateTO announced plans to invest in City-owned lands across Toronto to build affordable housing and mixed-income, livable communities near transit. The exciting opportunity to build two modular supportive housing facilities was awarded to our NRB Modular Solutions unit, with the two vital spaces being a perfect fit for our expertise and knowledge in providing solutions to this sector.

As construction was nearing completion the NRB team saw a great opportunity to collaborate with Dexterra On-Demand on final interior work and finishes. This is a great example of how we are bringing our joint capabilities together to make our projects successful. Our Dexterra On-Demand team has reliable, skilled tradespeople that are specialized in providing on-site services within short timelines. 

The NRB team worked with the Dexterra On-Demand team to complete the following tasks in just a few days:

  • Unpackaging all room appliances and fixtures.
  • Installation of wall coverings and drapings.
  • Various wall cuts & drywall patches.
  • General labour including site clean up and materials distribution for various trades. 
  • Wall and floor trimming installation and finishes. 
  • Stair interconnection works.
  • Various plumbing connections and clean up.
  • HVAC – damper and duct reworks and installation support.

Their combined efforts contributed to the successful completion of this Toronto housing project and a happy client. The list of what we do as an organization may be long but the way we come together to accomplish it is simple and successful. We are so proud of our teams!

Jeff Choma, Divisional Vice President for Dexterra On-Demand said, “Modular buildings are quickly becoming the go to approach for providing high quality facilities in a fraction of the time. The offsite and indoor construction process allows site services work to be completed while the building structure is assembled under a controlled environment, reducing impact to the site and community. Our Dexterra On- Demand services group was excited and proud to be able to support our NRB partners in this community enhancing initiative. As an organization with diverse service offerings, it truly shows our strength to be able to support one another in various projects resulting in our combined success.”