Fire Support

fire fighter with fire hose in forest

Always Ready

As the largest supplier of Type 2 Fire Crews in Ontario, Outland crews are well trained, well equipped and always available for safe fire suppression. Once the call is made, our crews arrive within 24 hours.

firefighter putting out fire in forest

Outland Fire Crews

Type 2 Firefighters are also referred to as “sustained attack” crews. Sustained attack crews are deployed to the fire line immediately after MNR Fire Rangers (Type 1 Fire Fighters) have carried out initial attack suppression methods. Type 2 crews work alongside Fire Ranger crews until a fire is declared under control. Once Fire Ranger crews leave, sustained attack crews will walk the fire putting out hot spots that could lead to future fire spread.

multiple firefighters putting out fire in the forest

Qualifications for a Type 2 Firefighter

Type 2 Firefighters have met the following requirements:

  • SP-100 Firefighter Training Course OR Type 2 Firefighter Annual Fire Training Maintenance Program OR SP-100 Recertification to maintain qualifications
  • Valid Standard First Aid Certificate
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Training
  • Note other relevant certifications (Chainsaw-Radio-TDG) that you may have taken
SP100 Firefighter Training Course
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We’re here to help

Whether you need fire support or you want to join our firefighting team, reach out with your questions.