Vegetation Management

person walking through forest with cut trees wearing safety equipment

Maintaining Healthy Forests

Our forests are an environmental and industrial asset. We’re here to maintain that asset. Planting trees is one element of that, but it’s also seed sampling, managing invasive species, preventing fires and safe clearing.


Pre-Commercial Thinning

We offer pre-commercial thinning services to remove some trees in overstocked stands to prevent stagnation and increase the growth of the remaining trees.

Brush Clearing

When you need to clear trees and other vegetation safely and efficiently, we clear brush while preserving the integrity of the ground.

Manual Herbicide

Our experts use targeted forestry herbicides to manage forest vegetation, offering a competitive advantage to desirable trees or seedlings to increase their growth and survival.

Forest Technician Work

We have a team of technicians that help manage and conserve forests. Their services range from data collection and land surveying to fire prevention and compliance monitoring.

Surveying and Mapping

Our highly technical survey and mapping services include aerial photography, digital maps and on-site sampling to understand stand growth.

Slash Pile Burning

Our slash pile burning service is a safe, controlled and efficient way to remove logging debris and prevent wild forest fires.

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