Social Housing

Bring them home faster

The increasing demand for social housing combined with the lack of supply has left our governments unable to meet community needs. We need to build these facilities faster if we want to solve this challenge. It’s why we believe in modular construction. It lets us create quality multi-unit solutions in shorter timelines.

  • Rapid construction
  • Building certainty
  • Higher-quality spaces
  • Sustainable builds
  • Full lifecycle support
Rapid construction

Modular construction reduces timelines by up to 50%. Meeting all relevant building codes, this building approach is a proven model of creating affordable housing in provinces like British Columbia and Ontario.

Building certainty

Off-site manufacturing in temperature-controlled facilities makes modular construction more reliable in terms of time and budget. Projects don’t suffer delays due to weather, damage, theft or lack of trades.

Higher-quality spaces

All of our modular projects include rigorous quality assurance. We ensure every unit is checked and meets our standards for quality control. As a bonus, modular builds inherently score higher on sound transmission ratings.

Sustainable builds

Modular construction allows us to recycle and reuse materials in manufacturing, reducing overall waste. We also spend less time on-site, which reduces traffic, equipment emissions and noise pollution.

Full lifecycle support

In addition to manufacturing and installing modular buildings, we also offer facility management solutions for the lifecycle of your building. With expertise in affordable housing across Canada, we can help your residents feel at home.

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