Our Brands

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Five brands. One united vision.

As the saying goes, there’s strength in numbers. And while there’s truth to it, we also believe that a unified group of skilled professionals can offer our clients the very best in a wide range of services and categories. Overall, it’s five unique brands, each with a unique skillset, that give Dexterra Group the ability to serve and thrive. After all, we are the companies we keep!

Dexterra Group

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About Dexterra Group

The companies that began independently now form Dexterra Group and, together, support the infrastructure and built assets that play a vital role in our society. Our diverse group of companies can offer both experience and regional expertise to operate their day to day, confidently and successfully.

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Dexterra facilities management and operations provides an integrated approach to its services, improving the overall efficiency and customer satisfaction of new or existing facilities, while reducing their total cost of ownership.

112 openings
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Horizon North

Horizon North has been helping resource and construction companies operate across Canada for decades, providing a full range of turnkey workforce accommodations and energy services.

48 openings
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Operating forestry solutions for over 35 years, Outland also proudly supports economic opportunities for Indigenous youth through their Outland Youth Employment Program.

5 openings
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NRB Modular

NRB Modular Solutions is in the business of building smarter. As the largest modular solutions businesses in Canada, NRB’s award-winning building solutions help to enhance speed, cost certainty, quality, safety and sustainability.

5 openings
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Dana Hospitality

Dana specializes in providing customized culinary experiences – from scratch – for private schools, universities and colleges, retail healthcare, resort, leisure and recreation venues, and corporations of all sizes.

9 openings