Construction, Installation and Logistics

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Build Productively

Horizon North has the in-house capabilities to design, build, install and manage the logistics of remote construction projects. No matter your location, we customize camps, building accommodations and ancillary infrastructure to create a welcoming environment.


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The design phase is where we draft a custom site plan, map out the camp layout and configure each structure. Our team is careful to consider the most ideal flow of people and goods throughout the camp. We also build security, access and safety best practices into our designs.

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Horizon North is proud to offer sophisticated, sustainable construction in our modular manufacturing facilities. The result is still a custom building that meets the needs of your workforce, but the process is more efficient and allows for superior quality assurance and control.

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Remote projects rely on well-organized delivery. With offices and yards across Canada, we not only transport components, equipment and people to remote locations; we also manage the logistics to ensure timelines are met.

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Our highly skilled installation team prides themselves on quality workmanship. They take care of every last fixture and finish, creating an environment that is both functional and inviting.

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We have the experience, accreditation and technical expertise to ensure buildings and their systems meet your requirements and operate as expected. Our team also manages the coordination and site preparation to ensure you meet the target start date.

Project Management
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When your remote building project needs oversight, we have dedicated project managers to serve as your touchpoint for all communication. Highly experienced with projects of all sizes, our PMs will help you achieve on-site performance on time and within budget.

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We’re here to help customize the most efficient and effective construction solution for your business.