Structure Supply

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Scalable, Durable and Comfortable Accommodations

Horizon North offers a full and diverse inventory of workforce housing options. With strategically located yards across Canada, we are extremely responsive and can have structures on site in under a week. We have the flexibility to manufacture modular and scalable solutions to meet your project size and demands.


Emergency Response Structures and Fire Camps
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We are highly prepared to address emergencies with remote, rapid-deployment services across Canada. We can deliver mobile hospitals, camp solutions and field facility structures to you in days.

Accommodation Rentals
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Choose from our diverse fleet of rental structures with standard and custom floor plans. Once you order, we can have your buildings to you in a matter of days.

Accommodation Sales
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If owning your structures makes the most sense, we construct and sell customized buildings to meet your project needs. We also have pre-owned accommodations equipment available for purchase.

Ancillary Infrastructure
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To supplement accommodations, we offer other structures to support your team’s productivity. Our inventory includes office spaces, lunch rooms, and washcars—all of which can be customized to your needs.

Ready for a seamless experience?

We’re here to help customize the most effective structural solutions for your business.