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Hostelling International Jasper

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Hostelling International Canada – a long-time accommodations provider in many tourist destinations in our country – required a new facility with more rooms to serve the growing number of annual visitors to Jasper National Park each year. Speed was a requirement of the project in order to get guests and staff into the new building as quickly as possible to begin earning revenue.

Jasper National Park is both world-famous and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning the protection of the natural environment is also a critical need for any project. The new hostel and facilities would have to have sustainable delivery at their core, with an expectation of minimal waste, site disruption and traffic to avoid environmental impacts.


NRB Modular Solutions was selected as the design-builder for this unique project, with the design, manufacturing, transport and installation being led by our teams based in Kamloops, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta. Four buildings were constructed in total – the new hostel, two staff accommodations and a maintenance facility.

From contract to occupancy, the project took 10 months, reducing the timeline expected for a conventional build by five to eight months, which translates into additional profit for Hostelling International Canada. By constructing the 66 required modules off-site, NRB was also able to meet the key need of sustainability for this project. Off-site construction means reduced time on-site and a reduced footprint. With modules already constructed, we needed fewer deliveries and fewer people in the national park, which has the added benefit of less noise and dust to disrupt local residents – both people and wildlife.


The result is four outstanding buildings. The highlight of the site is the 25,000 square-foot, three-storey main lodge, which accommodates up to 157 guests over a variety of room types including private and shared. It also includes amenities such as a fireplace lounge, media room, games room and on-site café and kitchen.

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