Access Matting

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Take on all types of terrain.

Horizon North offers full-service solutions for safe, reliable and eco-friendly access to project sites all year round. Serving clients in a wide range of industries, from oil and gas to pipeline and construction, we produce and supply premium hardwood, three-ply mats that can provide seamless access to the job site while reducing your project costs. Our team of experts have been in the industry for years and understand what it takes to meet your needs.


Mat Rentals
Excavator installing access matting with pickup truck following

No matter what your job requirements are, we have a large supply of oak, fir and hybrid mats available that are the toughest in the industry.

large truck carrying access mats

Our fleet of transport vehicles, including front-end loaders and excavators with customized attachments, can move your mats seamlessly from location to location.

Installation and Removal
excavator installing access matting

We can install and remove mats using our in-house team and equipment with grapples specialized for our work.

Inventory, Storage, Repair
access matting road in forest

We can manage your mats, controlling inventory and offering storage and repair services so your project remains accessible and safe for as long as required.

Mat Washing
access matting washing process

Your mats can be washed and cleaned using industrial-strength bleach to prevent the spread of invasive species, and ensure that inventory can travel over environmentally sensitive terrain.

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