Tree Planting

2 men in construction equipment with shovels

Our Passion is Reforestation

Outland started as a small group of motivated planters. The company has grown substantially, but that dedication to reforestation remains. It’s why Outland runs longer seasons, ensures the safest operations and offers the best earning potential in Canada.

More than 2 Billion Trees

We plant 40 million trees every year to maintain a healthy and sustainable forestry stock for Canadian industries. Since our inception in 1985, we have planted more than 2 billion trees.

  • Ontario
  • Alberta
  • Quebec
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • 10 million trees
  • Early May to mid-July
  • Summer work available in July and August, such as summer planting, catering operations and the Outland Youth Employment Program
  • Bush camp accommodations
  • 70% roadside, 25% quad, 5% track machine
  • 14 million trees
  • Early May to end of July (3 months)
  • Summer work available in August, such as weather monitoring, summer planting and herbicide spray
  • Bush camp accommodations; one project stays in premium remote lodge
  • 50% helicopter blocks, 49% ATV/Track/Rollagon, 1% roadside
  • 15 Million trees
  • Early May to end of September
  • Thinning and brushing work available from May to November
  • Bush camp, outfitters, and hotel accommodations for only $58 per week
  • Opportunities to work in catering in remote areas like Nunavik
  • 70% road access, 30% quad access
  • 2.6 million trees
  • May to end of June
  • Remote camp/tent accommodations
  • Access Type – Helicopter, ATV
  • 1.5 million trees
  • 3-4 week seasons
  • Remote camp/tent accommodations
  • Access Type - Helicopter, ATV


Come work in a fun, safe, planter-oriented environment. We work for the best clients in the industry and can provide a variety of work across the country.

Want to plant a few (million) trees?

Let’s talk about it.