Space and Infrastructure Solutions

edmonton city centre building with floor to ceiling windows

Managing Built Environments and Expectations

People appreciate spaces that are comfortable, clean and in good working order. Our job is to make that happen. We put our best into your building systems, fixtures, interiors and grounds, so people get the most out of your space.


Asset Management
laptop screen showing various charts and graphs

Our asset management services include long-term capital planning, management and optimization. We start with a comprehensive life-cycle analysis, so we can create a strategic plan for each asset. We determine the right data to collect and monitor, and then create a maintenance schedule that enhances the performance of your assets.

Plant Operations and Maintenance
system for plant operations

Our approach to plant operations includes predictive, preventative and reliability-centred maintenance programs. We ensure the right amount of maintenance, at the right time, with minimal disruption. We also offer 24/7 operations support, cost management, performance reporting and critical environment management.

Building Systems
man working on computer to manage facility

We manage critical building systems with predictive and reactive maintenance; in the event of an emergency, we’re available 24/7/365. Whenever possible, our teams install building automated systems (BAS) to monitor and control HVAC/R, lighting, electrical and mechanical systems for optimized monitoring, triage, dispatch and performance reporting.

Fabric Maintenance and Repair
makita drill screwing in door hinge

Fabric maintenance is where aesthetic and operations meet. Our teams maintain and repair fittings, fixtures, floors, walls and ceilings, ensuring everything looks good and is in good working order.

Energy Management
rows of solar panels on a field of grass

Our energy management services include ongoing utility management, but the priority is to reduce energy consumption and costs. We do that by getting a portfolio benchmark or single-facility baseline. From there, we develop an energy model, track performance and make adjustments.

Facility Cleaning
facility maintenance staff mopping floor of large building

Extend the life of your finishes and fixtures. Our custom cleaning programs are optimized for your facility needs. In addition to maintaining an inviting appearance in your space, we prioritize the full life expectancy of your interior assets and orderly critical environments.

Grounds Maintenance
maintained garden outside corporate building

A great experience at your facility starts on the way in. We keep your outdoor area safe, clean and presentable. Our grounds maintenance services include soft landscaping (design and architecture), hard landscaping (construction), snow removal and snow clearing.

Interior Renovations and Fit Outs
renovated interior lounge space

It’s not just about what goes into your space; it’s how it all fits in. We offer space planning and evaluation, as well as concepts and floor plans to enhance flow and maximize productivity. From there, we can move right into construction planning, building, site inspections and progress reports.

Let’s make your place better, together.

Our experts are ready to work with you to discover the best solution for your space and infrastructure.