Chin Inn

exterior shot of Chin Inn Lodge


Located in the heart of Peace Country, Northern Alberta, Chin Inn is the only full-service camp in the Chinchaga/Hamburg Oilfield area. Our lodge is ideal for companies looking to minimize travel logistics and costs through accommodations that are convenient to their project site.

A Horizon North operated Open Lodge, Chin Inn features 100 executive-style rooms and 78 Jack-and-Jill rooms. Three nutritious meals are prepared each day by our chefs on site, as well as a weekly steak night.


Directions from Manning

Head north out of Manning on Highway 35 for 23 km to the Chinchaga Forestry Road.
Turn left on Chinchaga Forestry Road and drive for approx. 2 hours to KM 151
The Chin Inn Lodge is located on the right-hand side of the road.

GPS: 57.348006, -119.768338

LSD: NE-19-96-11 W6


  • Catered dining facility
  • Fitness centre
  • Recreation room
  • Wireless internet
  • Laundry facilities
  • Housekeeping services
  • Premium mattress
  • Desk, dressers and night tables
  • Satellite TV in every room
  • Baseboard heaters in each room
  • Private and shared bathrooms
  • All-inclusive dining
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Take advantage of an industry-leading home away from home with convenient access to your project. To find out if Chin Inn is a good fit for your crews or to reserve your rooms, contact us.

Accommodation inquiries1-866-305-6565